push a little harder and move a little faster and you can trick time get a little fitter a bit more alert engage and experience capital

but when you run out you need help you need support you need love a little bit of tenderness with the help of others you can feed the machine again love is where you exact drive energy passion all through others this all works pretty well except during this time you have sort of become a professional lover expert in streamlined efficiency in situations like these love becomes the economisation of empathy an immaterial capital it is hard to navigate the meaning of value it is wrapped up in time and resource both of which love helps to provide but is not credited with

I am a visual artist working predominately with film, found footage and sound. The work looks to explore the choreography of invisible violence felt in the digital age, pursuing the quiet romances that are involved with technological dependencies. It has become about the unfulfilled, the desire to touch and be touched. I hope the work reflects on a growing anxiety around the felt erosion of voice and language in today’s technological climate 


The Contractors Heel
May 2020
Plans made on sketch up for an installation piece
See Below
Publication, The Contractors Heel
Screenshot of PDF file, intended to become a physical leaflet
A f1 racing driver invites you to his personal hall of fame to muse over his rubble collection, each piece taken from a track on which he has driven

A Single False Tear

Original footage
une 2020

Blocked choreography based on the quiet erotica of side by side unison
Paper costume designed and made in reaction to Grace Schwindt’s The Tenant

Building Blocks

May 2020

Plaster cast blocks, multiple 
Inspired by Tatiana Bilbao’s architectural solution for social housing in Mexico
Plan for a sculpture that would fit blocks together to find new ways to create new space with the same blocks